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The 5th International Welding and Cutting and Laser Equipments Industry Exhibition Busan Korea 2014
NOV. 12 - 14, 2014(3 Days) BEXCO BUSAN KOREA
Every other year (as many as every 2year/even year) Holding Next term exhibition: Jul, 2016
Come to the New Welding Market in the Northeast Asia , the center of Pacific region!

Do you want to be a leading player in Korean Welding, Cutting & Laser Equipments markets?

Take the chance in "The 5th Busan International Welding, Cutting & Laser Equipments Exhibition" (Welding Busan Korea2014)

Busan & Gyeongnam province are traditionally the center of automobile, iron & steel, shipbuilding, harbor and construction industries and have a heavy weight in Korean economy.

This is the place of opportunity for Welding and related industries to be able to show their capacity. You can meet new products that are environment-friendly and automatic-oriented in the 'Welding Busan Korea2014' from Nov.12 through 14, 2014. Also, you can meet buyers, manufacturer and distributor with a strong purchasing power, which may be directly connected with your sales results in welding facilities, materials and cutting equipments and etc.

As Busan & Gyeongnam province are traditionally an important place for automobile, iron & steel, shipbuilding, harbor and construction industries, the regions are the best place for the welding industry, one of country’s major infrastructure industries, to expand its market base and share information on new products and technologies.

BEXCO in BUSAN has successfully held “FIFA World Cup Final Draw 2002”, “Main Press Center of Busan Asian Games 2002”, “Busan ITU Telecom Asia”, “Busan Int'l Motor Show”, and “Busan Choir Olympics 2002” for the recent 5 years. Being further upgraded through its experience to host the APEC Summit 2005, BEXCO is equipped with ultramodern facilities and obtains a good brand recognition, which proves BEXCO is the world-class exhibition convention center.

We bet that BEXCO will be the right place where you, exhibitor can invite your important buyers as VIP.
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