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    溶接展示会 出展対象
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  Kor Welding Association
  Steel Tech Korea 2006
  Tools & Mold Korea 2006
  Metal & Metallurgy 2006
2006年9月6日(水)~9日(土)、4日間 / BEXCO・ベクスコ
Every other year (as many as every 2year/even year) Holding Next term exhibition: Sep, 2008
The 1st International Welding and Cutting and Laser Equipments Industry Exhibition Busan Korea 2006
鎔接分野鎔接機器、鎔接設備,Brazing・鑞、鎔接材料、鎔接関連自動化設備、 鎔接ロボット、鎔接用装置・機器、鎔接関連衛生・安全・保護具、鎔接線、非破壊検査装備・試験機器、表面処理装置、鎔接構造物工程用機械、鎔接原・副資材、その他鎔接関連機器・材料など
切断分野プラズマ&CO2切断機、金屬加工切断機、切断自動化設備、切断装置・機器、鋸歯、 切断工具、関連設備など
  • Welding machineries and accessories (welding, cutting, brazing and other metal welding) C
  • onsumables (joining, materials, and fluxes)
  • Environmental and auxiliary equipments
  • Welding robots (Resistance, Arc, Tig, Mig)
  • Metal working robots (cutting, brazing, hardfacing)
  • FA technology (introduction of CAD, CAM)
  • Electron beam welding with new and high density energy
  • Laser beam applied equipments
    (welding, cutting, and other metal working)
  • Fine ceramics, compound materials and other applications
  • Quality assurance and control systems
  • Nondestructive testing apparatus
  • Various types of measuring apparatus
  • Safety equipments and materials
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